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Low Energy During Perimenopause: Natural Ways To Help Raise Energy Levels

Women who are going through the transition into menopause often feel low energy. It is probably the most common symptom felt during this time. Women feel the loss of energy along with irritability and difficulty concentrating throughout the day. This article is for woman going through perimenopause and feel a loss of energy. It is important that a woman understands the changes occurring in her body during this stage of life. By understanding the symptoms of perimenopause, she may learn about natural approaches to low energy that can make her feel better.
Women complain of energy levels, feeling tired, weak and fatigued most of the time. This low energy may be caused from physical and mental conditions. Having no energy may be frustrating for a woman, as low energy affects both her body and mind at the same time. A normal cause of feeling tired and loss of energy is fluctuating hormone levels. Low energy is typified by a lack of any energy, without drowsiness.
Stress, progesterone deficiency, lack of regular exercising, obesity, exposure to pesticides and chemicals and an unhealthy lifestyle are some factors that may contribute to low energy. Estrogen dominance, the Pill, heredity, junk food, poor diet and excessive alcohol are all culprit for low energy too. The two main hormones in a woman's body are estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones are produced ovaries and may control a woman's menstrual cycle. Estrogen and progesterone need to be in ratio to each other to feel good. This balance keeps a woman healthy, with no symptoms of hormone imbalance or low energy.
Menopause starts when a woman ovaries has permanently stop egg production. Menstruation has stopped for one year. When menstruation stops, women can no longer have any children. Many women may start experiencing unpleasant side effects. In the perimnenopause stage. On average, a woman may reach menopause by the time she is 52. Perimenopause happens when a woman's ovaries start decline.  A significant decrease in progesterone and estrogen production begin to happen. Women may start to experience an irregular period and other symptoms.
Fatigue and Immune System- Progesterone may also affect the health of a woman's bones, immune system and the liver. When the levels of progesterone start to decline, symptoms and signs of perimenopause may start to appear. There are treatment options that may help to improve lack of energy. These options are lifestyle changes, natural and alternative supplements, bio-identical hormones, medications, or HRT.
Natural progesterone cream is a safe and effective hormone replacement therapy that may gently balance a woman's hormones. Natural progesterone cream contains bio-identical molecules that mimic a women's natural progesterone. It is effectively the same molecule as the progesterone that your body produces. Many women who use natural progesterone cream have experienced positive  results.
Dr. Dalton, of England, documented in the 1950's that natural progesterone cream is an effective treatment for regulating periods, depression and mood swings. Dr. Prior, of Canada, documented the effects of low progesterone with active runners.  Dr. John Lee used natural progesterone treatment for all hormone imbalances from infertility, PMS symptoms and symptoms during the transition of menopause. Dr. John Lee used natural progesterone cream treatment instead of HRT or ERT for decades.
Natural Choices for Low Energy
Natural treatments to improve energy levels may be techniques for stress reduction such as meditation or yoga, a healthier diet, regular exercise and bio-identical hormones.  Diet is especially a key to a healthier lifestyle and keeping low energy at bay. Eating properly keeps blood sugar levels balanced in addition to hormone levels. An example of a natural treatment is natural progesterone cream. The molecules in natural progesterone are bio-identical to the hormones found in women and may stimulate a woman's endocrine system, which regulates the hormones in a woman's body. This is done to balance the hormones of a woman's body in a natural and safe way. Natural progesterone cream has become a very popular natural remedy among functional medicine physicians.
Natural progesterone cream treats a hormonal imbalance at its own source. It is the only natural remedy that addresses the cause of hormone imbalance. The cause of hormone imbalance is the ratio of estrogen to progesterone and decline of all hormones.
For women who are experiencing low energy, alternative medicine combined with lifestyle changes usually proves very effective help to lessen the symptoms. By educating themselves and being pro-active, more women today may combine alternative treatments and a healthy lifestyle to help them deal with progesterone imbalances. It is important for a woman to understand that low energy may be eased with a natural treatment.
This is for education only.  It is not intended to treat, prevent or cure a medical disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult a health care professional.
Melinda Bonk is the founder of Wise Essentials, bioidentical progesterone cream for hormone balance, a natural health and supplement company. For more information about low energy and progesterone and how you can improve your symptoms, visit Wise Essentials website.

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